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I know I at least mentioned it.  I made some silly examples, though, so that's new.  Now, I should preface this with the statement that neither of these are particularly pleasant keys for me (the first a bit high, the second a bit low), and so I wasn't terribly concerned about audio quality, as the point was humor anyway (yeah, I foul up the lyrics, too).

This one has backing by Buck Trent and Roy Clark:

Zero-G Polka.mp3

The Zero-G Polka

By Jeff Duntemann

To: "The Beer Barrel Polka"

Think of action, and reaction 
Never mind the lack of traction; 
When the band begins to play, 
Grab your partner's hand, 
Simply kick away. 
We'll be whirling, we'll be reeling 
And rebounding off the ceiling-- 
Don't pull my leg, my dear; 
I haven't one to spare!

When Stashu's saxaphone begins to blare, 
You can tell he pumps a lot of air; 
He tends to fly around the ballroom; 
That's why we've tied him to his chair. 
So if you'd like to join me in a beer, 
We could meet above the chadelier, 
And suck some Schlitz from plastic bottles 
And sing: Hurray, the gang's all here!

Turn off the G-force, 
We wanna dance in mid-air! 
No other recourse; 
Cling to the floor if you dare! 
But let us warn you: 
A foot in the face is no crime-- 
They say all is fair in love, war, sex 
And two-fourths time!

This one is backed by Glenn Miller:

Pardon me boy, 
Is this the Lair of Great Cthulhu? 
In the city of slime, 
Where it is night all the time.

Bob Hope never went 
Along the road to Great Cthulhu, 
And Triple-A has no maps, 
And all the Tcho Tcho's lay traps.

You'll see an ancient sunken city 
Where the angles are wrong. 
You'll see the fourth demonsion 
If you're there very long. 
Come to the conventicle, 
Bring along your pentacle, 
Otherwise you'll be dragged off by a tentacle.

A mountain's in the middle, 
With a house on the peak. 
A gnashin' and a thrashin' 
And a clackin' of a beak. 
Your soul you will be a lackin' 
When you see that mighty Kraken. 
Ooo-ooo, Great Cthulhu's startin' to speak.

So come on aboard, 
Along the Road to Great Cthulhu, 
Wen-di-gos and Dholes 
Will make Big Macs of our souls.

Under the sea, 
Down in the ancient city of R'lyeh, 
In the Lair of Great Cthulhu 
They'll suck your soul away... 
(Great Cthulhu, Great Cthulhu 
--- Suck your soul --- 
Great Cthulhu, Great Cthulhu) 
...In the Lair of Great Cthulhu, 
They'll suck your soul away!

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