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 I wish to bring to everyone's attention a rally protesting the War on Drugs, held at the Ukiah Courthouse this Saturday, May 9, high noon.  The musicians Lucky Otis and Roberto Gloria will both be performing on the steps, and there will be informational videos at the MEC concerning ibogaine, an addiction interrupter from the iboga tabernanthe plant, used also for initiation ceremonies by the Bwiti, who are indigenous to W. Central Africa.
   I also wish to remind everyone that the production room, also known as the analog room, needs to be open to kmec members so that essential editing can be done, which is basic to all who need to censor sketchy material, do a valid news program, or otherwise work professionally in the realm of radio. 
   For some reason this has been a touchy subject to some board members as for the need of the space, as there have been 2 locked rooms upstairs since kmec started. Offers to replace all personal equipment with outright donations by me or others so that the room can be used have been rebuffed for nearly 3 years, and which has been given as the reason that the room cannot be used, along with the talk of moving operations downstairs (which has also been bandied around for a few years).  A switch-over so that access can be had by programmers can be done in a few minutes, with whatever needs to be locked up put in the other locked room. 
   Anyways, let's move on with the spirit of openess and joy, with faith that we're able to make positive changes in our community, and that the MEC is alive as a peace, justice and environmental conduit for the Ukiah area.

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