I stand corrected

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Actually, I'm likely sitting, and I'm too often the one who catches my own 'errors'.

I said it would be hard to get a dozen libertarian M.D.s and I'm at least wrong in forgetting that Dr. Ron Paul is, in fact, a physician, as is is son (which I didn't know until tonight).

So, I'm still up by ten, but I should likely be more aware and ask my bro-in-law (booby pumper) if he'd fall on one side or the other (I should point out that booby-pumping is going to be for pay in any case, so he'd be unaffected except he couldn't do medicare booby-restorations--well, he might be able to form another 'corporation' in this environment to get around that, but he should be aware I'd be looking for and destroying that loophole as a decent systems analyst).

I should catalog the other 'errors' that I've produced on the air as an easy list:

I was suckered into the THC Oranges hoax for a few days, but yano, I still caught it before snopes.com did.

I promulgated the 'Illegal Backyard Gardens' myth for almost a half a week before catching it.

I promulgated the 'Wave Energy Kills Whales' BS for a day before killing that.

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