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The 'illuminati' may well chide their new members with their 'knowledge' of the other-place.

And of course, they are quite correct in saying that we are all there after death, regardless (what they don't realize is that we are also, in fact, there now, as we live and breathe).

However, they miss a terribly salient point about that place.

You see, there you can *see* (everything, all at once, and at all times).

As I pointed out in my post of the spider-woman dream, the fact that my anal sphincter and my irises resembled one another (which I understood as I could see all these items concurrently) was terribly funny.

It's because the irises and the anus all contract-expand with emotion, yano?

In any case, that multi-dimensionality of the other place (somewhat like being stuck in the 'phantom zone' if you watch Smallville), is not limited to seeing all of the 'three' dimensions at once, but also seeing all time both as a continuum and also as a surface (somewhat like those neat new web photo-albums that change out the 'thumbnail' as you waft across with your mouse, like my 'mac page').

In any event, the point here is that in that other place (should you care to attend) the option is that you will be *completely* visible to everyone for all time.

So if you were, in fact, a lying SOB like a lot of these folks who used this to point out how they were 'immune' from 'hell', I'd like to posit the following circumstance:

After death, you will be immediately and ultimately visible to all your people.  Every lie, every betrayal, every compromise, will be as clear as if it were stamped "evildoer" on your head.

Now, in my case, that's heaven.

I suspect that in other folks' conditions it might not be so well named.

Some of them might actually prefer dissolution to retention of such a disingenuous form in the 'crystal city'.

I'm personally debating whether to poke the bindi in the eye and stop all this BS, since it seems near torture to make such morons try to appreciate their condition, but I'll wait till then to make that determination.

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