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It's rare that I really appreciate direction in a movie.  I mean, most movies have a director, and they often have 'styles', but I rarely care for a director's 'style' so much as I like the story.

It's rare that a movie about 'conspiracy theory' would be absent of theory.  This one has no opinion at all.  It's just a mash-up of archival footage.

But, BUT, *BUT*, it's the 'other' footage, the stuff that didn't play on the network news.

By fifteen minutes in (it's 1:40 long, and it's the first of a series), I was *sure* it was going to end up here in the blog.

By forty-five minutes in, I ordered the series (forty bucks at Amazon).  I'm that sure that the rest will be as well done and thoughtful, and I'd appreciate not having to 'google video' it.

I'd give this one every thumb and star possible.  It's beautifully crafted, makes an important point, and sheds light on the (now, patently obvious) deception that was perpetrated on us.

And, it doesn't theorize a bit.  

It's not about 'who done it'.  It's about, "What did they do?" (how does history get revised).

Henry David Thoreau said "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil for every one striking at the root."

This one hits the root.  It's not who lies, it's how do they get away with it in the first place?

I think the answer is best phrased in Latin: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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