Day of Rest

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Ok, this is curious, but in the long and short of things, means little.

It never occurred to me that the 'Sabbath' day might be different for Muslims.  I suppose it's the logical adaptation of what was a lunisolar system from the Jewish calendar to a solar system (day starts at sunup, not sundown).

So yano the Xians moved it (intentionally and symbolically) to Sunday from Saturday (the day starting Friday night).

Looks like the Muslims moved it the other way (from the day starting Friday night to the day starting on Friday sunrise).

Of course, we curiously consider it 'midnight' which is the 'start' of our day, so I'd suppose modern Muslims consider 'Sabbath' to start at midnight on Friday, but that's still unexplored.

In the ZZCO, we let our communities determine what day to meet on, since we figure they take precedence over the ritual commemoration of an event which (given what we know about 'the week') may well have lost sync over the years.

Not only that, but it's also a system based on a magic numbering (great write-up here).

Now, if it really was 'ordained by God', and all of us descended from people who had this same tradition, I have to wonder where the others (save the Soviets and French which both were 'Enlightened') came up with their numbers.

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