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I knew a man from Zagreb, Croatia, who I worked with at Origin.  He was a musician whose specialty was MIDI music (essentially, turning a computer into a player piano, except you can change the piano into an organ, or a tuba, or a guitar, etc.).

He told me about how they hated one another there (the background to the last war over there).

During WWII, the Croatians, supported by both the Nazis and the Roman Catholic Church, went on a pogrom, but it wasn't against Jews (mainly), but Orthodox Catholics (and dissidents).

He told me about how they would have fake priests who would pretend to pray, and would start by blessing themselves with the "Sign of the Cross", and if they crossed the close shoulder before the far one, they were killed.

Lovely folks.

Here's a photo:

...In this photograph Ustashi are torturing an Orthodox Serb with a saw prior to executing him. Somewhere in Bosnia, in 1943. The photograph was found in the pocket of a dead Ustashi in 1945.

(End quote).

Here's some links:

Ustashi atrocities

Jasenovac at the Wiki

Amazon books about Jasenovac

Roman Catholic Nazi priests and bishops page

Link to a post mentioning a book from 1997 called "Jasenovac Then and Now: A Conspiracy of Silence" (which doesn't seem to exist anymore)

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