Iran takes Israeli war threats up with UN

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Iran has condemned the latest Israeli threats to "strike" Iran as Tel Aviv releases news of its biggest ever joint war games with the US. 

In a letter to the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council, Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee urged the body to exercise its power and put an immediate stop to what he called "unlawful and insolent" Israeli threats against UN member states. 

Israeli President Shimon Peres launched into a tirade against Tehran in an interview this week with Kol Hai Radio and threatened Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 

He said if the Iranian president does not act during speculated talks with the US to soften his stance, "we'll strike him." 

Peres also confirmed that Tel Aviv "will" launch its much-predicted military strike against Iran, should the alleged overtures sought by Israel's staunch ally Washington fail to force an end to uranium enrichment in Iran. 

The Israeli president refused to reveal details of the military plan to take out Iran's nuclear infrastructure, but confirmed that Israel would not launch a unilateral strike against the country. 

"We certainly cannot go it alone, without the US, and we definitely can't go against the US. This would be unnecessary," Peres explained. 

Israel, the sole possessor of an atomic arsenal in the Middle East, accuses Iran of marching toward nuclear weapon capability and has used the allegation to justify preparations to launch air strikes on the country's power plants. 

Iran, however, says it has lived up to its commitments under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and should thus be allowed the right to a peaceful nuclear program. 

While the UN nuclear watchdog has confirmed the non-diversion of nuclear material at Iranian nuclear facilities, Israeli media outlets have shed light on Israeli plans to launch the largest ever joint US war games in the occupied territories. 

The military maneuvers will focus on countering possible retaliatory rockets launched from Iranian soil in the event the Israeli plans to strike the country are put into action. 

In his letter, Khazaee said, "Officials of the Zionist regime [Israel] have repeatedly threatened to resort to violence against the Islamic Republic. These threats, blatant violations of international law and the UN Charter, are repeated with inaction on behalf of the Security Council." 

According to the Iranian UN ambassador, the lack of UN action against Israeli echelons that see justification in carrying out "criminal and terrorist acts" against independent countries only emboldens Tel Aviv. 

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