IMF Protests/Beatings

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  1. Police Brutality: @20th and Penn, police broke a protester's leg; another has gone to GW Hosp. for pepper spray; blood from beatings. #gja
  2. Wrap up on street actions: One protester being taken away in ambulance. no other details as of yet. #imf #gja
  3. RT @oxfam Act now! Demand the #IMF abolishes itself and lets democracy grow from below! People's Economic Forum to replace IFIs
  4. @studentactivism check out info on our Forum happening today. Education panel featuring student radicals at 3pm, video will be available.
  5. WHOSE STREETS! Well they were ours for 3 hours, now we're going to get our Anti-Capitalist Learning on. Come join!
  6. People's Economic Forum @ 1pm @ 1525 Newton St. NW @ St. Stephen's Church: Learn how global capitalism works and see alternative models #gja
  7. IMF/World Bank protests: Bank window broken, streets taken for 3 hours, only 2 arrests, pepper spray, protesters report "having fun" #gja
  8. Anarchist Martha Stewart: Pepper Spray Meringue Pie It's a good thing! Class @ Murrow Park on Penn b/w 18th and 19th #gja
  9. Megatron Police says Super Group marching is now verbotten, enforcing rules with pepper spray, beatings, dull lectures on morality #gja
  10. everyone at murrow park, people have been pepper sprayed but are okay. #gja
  11. @iavanzini let me tell you, the press room at the IMF isn't having half the fun we're having in the streets. and they get lame swag
  12. RT @iavanzini: IMF Press Room having too much fun this morning!
  13. 20th and Penn group has been surrounded by police, confirmed #gja
  14. Correction: 20th and Penn NW. Megatron attacking Super Group :-( Send support! #gja
  15. Sorry for rapid updates. Twitter had a hiccup. #gja
  16. East on I heading to 10th. Super Group moving fast! We need a better name!#gja
  17. Legal: "2 arrestees are at 16th and V"
  18. A contest is now open to name the Super Group march of blackblocers, street blockers, and spandex-clad disco dancers. prizes available! #gja
  19. It's been confirmed from several reliable and nonprotester sources:Super Group march HAS taken the streets! Police trying to get banner #gja
  20. Officer Harold looks like Ron Jeremy playing Buck Rogers, whacked out on Ritalin stolen from Twiki and crushed by boredom of modernlife #gja
  21. Officer Harold, MPD protest liason, has been spotted! Unruly children near 21st and I! Run Harold, Run! #gja
  22. Megatron has released most of the autobots held at 18th and I. Remainder of robodiscoforces headed west on Pennsylvania. #gja
  23. "people backed into an ally are being dispersed one by one, around 18th & I, legal observers say things are ok" #gja robot rescue cancelled?
  25. group @ world bank surrounded. One march @ 18th+H. Another march @ 19th+I. Converging TO FORM COMMIE VOLTRON AND URINATE ON EVIL #gja
  26. @trendspotter we're pretty sure that was actually a banker trying to break out of the bank, the existential dread too much to bear #gja
  27. RT @trendspotter2 windows at PNC bank @ 14 and P St taken out
  28. Legal reports 2 arrests. More info coming soon #gja
  29. another anti-cap bloc has left mcpherson square. #gja
  30. an anticap bloc is cornered by police at murrow park, requesting help #gja
  31. another anti-cap bloc has left mcpherson square.
  32. an anticap bloc is cornered by police at murrow park, requesting help
  33. @mjb when you say the cops say this, where'd did the info specifically come from? thx!
  34. RT @mjb Cops say 14 windows of a PNC bank taken out w bricks, plus red paint. #gja
  35. Dance Party Super Group on move
  36. Dance Party and Blockade Folks HAVE converged. Are asking for all people to converge at area of 21st and L . Press too, ya rubes <3 #gja

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