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PeterBrianCleveland and Joe become annoyed when Quagmire starts spending more time with a cat he just got than with them. While Quagmire is out, the guys decide to shave the cat as a prank, but it backfires when Peter accidentally kills the cat with a razor. Peter and Brian go to hide its body with the intent of telling Quagmire it ran away. They are pulled over by the police, who completely ignore the fact Peter murdered something and is also driving drunk, but when they see Brian in possession of pot, they arrest him without question. Brian is bailed out by the family and put on probation for drug use. Joe arrives for a urine sample just after Brian starts smoking marijuana. Brian attempts to use Stewie's urine, only to be caught by Lois, who tells him that if he's going to sink that low as an excuse for smoking pot, then "it's time to change." Instead of quitting pot, Brian decides to start a campaign to legalize marijuana in Quahog. He and Stewie perform a full length enthusiastic musical number ("Bag o' Weed," sung to the tune of "Me Ol' Bamboo" from the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang[3]) in a park about the joys of smoking pot, and soon after the entire town rallies behind them in their cause.

Mayor West passes a law to legalize marijuana, and everyone starts smoking it. Brian points out that the town has improved as a result, with a decrease in crime and increase in productivity. However, Lois's father, Carter, is losing money in the timber industry now that hemp is being used to manufacture many things, and bribes Peter with a yo-yo to help him produce videos for an anti-marijuana campaign. Lois, however, points out that their methods are uninspired, explaining that Brian only succeeded because he was passionate about legalizing pot. Carter decides to bribe Brian to join his cause by publishing and shipping his novel, Faster than the Speed of Love, and putting an Oprah sticker on it. Brian resists, but Stewie, knowing how bad the novel will turn out, suggests he at least sing a song about the evils of pot. Brian reluctantly complies (though only the last line of the song, "And that's why pot is bad," is heard), and pot is illegal once more. Brian's novel is shipped but does not sell a single copy after being panned by critics. Brian laments that he sacrificed everything he believed in for nothing, but Lois says that by getting pot banned, he at least did something. The episode ends with Quagmire at the Griffins' doorstep saying he has raised the reward to $50 for finding his cat, which he still believes to be missing, no questions asked. Peter nonchalantly takes the $50, admits he killed his cat, and slams the door on him.

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