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I didn't *just* come back from the KMEC fundraiser, I've drunk a bottle of wine since. 

I was apparently the only one who asked for the proper spelling of DJ Sister Yasmine's name.

In any event, Mike on the Mike and I agreed there wasn't enough crowd to support the station on any kind of 'sliding-scale' basis (Mike actually donated quite a bit more than myself).

One could hope that the auction brought in more money, but at my last survey (ten pm) it featured a great deal of empty pages.

One  could hope for a large attendance, but then, one generally has to *tell* people about a party (secret parties are always small).  A survey of the local calendars early Friday in relation to the UDJ story showed we were entered in exactly *zero* community calendars (including our own on our web site).  

I counted about forty people in attendance at the peak I saw (I left at ten).

Yeah, I bet I get some kind of smarmy letter telling us all how good we did (motivation is important when inspiration is lacking).

They are theoretically changing over to the MEC, where they have two kegs of beer donated, but it sure sounds like they are letting AutoDJ run, instead of trying to get folks over the radio to come and get free beer.

Go freakin' figure.

I just called the donor for the beer to point out that the event itself was going unadvertised, though we had a radio station with which to advertise.

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