Veggie Fest

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I went to see what was up.  I ran across a curious group of folks who are nearly completely delusional.

To wit, "Remember that cows and pigs feel love and companionship, and fear pain and death, just like dogs, cats, and people."

Um, no.

After some consideration, I'd have to say that the anthropomorphism of these concepts doesn't even necessarily extend to all the other people.

The idea that a cat or dog could feel anything remotely akin to what I feel is simply ludicrous.

However, I don't doubt that there's a potential human whose emotional existence could match a pet.  But that's it's own neurosis, and of course, they should seek treatment if they ever realize their plight.

On the food front, the sweets were ok (can't hardly mess those up, as long as it's not pie or something).  The savories were sweet and pasty, just like vegan savories often are (they don't understand the term, since savory means it tastes 'meaty').  For example, the pot-sticker with rice inside tasted like soy-flavored rice pudding in a flour tortilla.

The kabobs were pretty disgusting.  Vegans often go to the trouble of cutting up a bunch of raw vegetables, and then, leaving them almost entirely raw.  That's how these were (with green and red pepper parts soaked in soy and warmed over a grill).  They were what separated the apparently deep-fat fried textured tofu chunks on the skewer.  The net effect was like some kind of weird donut holes with raw pepper parts on a stick that had been left out in the sun.

The energy balls were quite tasty.  I don't think they knew it was madjoon they made (no kif in it, at least), but it's nearly identical to the stuff I had from one of the DJs at the radio station.

On the way out, I stopped in enough to catch the tail end of a lecture in which the attendees were admonished to be understanding of us who just "weren't as educated."

I disagree.  I think I'm quite adequately informed on the topic.

I don't think they understand the difference between 'information' and 'belief'.

You want to think about 'chickens in love' you go ahead and do it, but if you try to convince me it's some kind of 'fact' I'm going to have a laughing fit that probably won't stop for a while.

The good side of it is that I ran across an activist named Tomás who is well informed on the wave power issue, and it seems that there *is* a matter of deception going on here in the placement of these items in the ocean.  It's not what it seems on the surface, at least.

If somehow they manage to build things that whales get stuck in, they *have* to be doing something wrong.  Whales are REALLY big.  It's got to be a big hole if a whale can get stuck in it.  And destroying their eardrums to keep them away is no real help, since it only prevents damage to the devices, and not the whales.

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