Thirty Years Ago Next Monday

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Harvey Wasserman

People died at Three Mile Island 
March 24, 2009

People died---and are still dying---at Three Mile Island. 

As the thirtieth anniversary of America's most infamous industrial accident approaches, we mourn the deaths that accompanied the biggest string of lies ever told in US industrial history. 

As news of the accident poured into the global media, the public was assured there were no radiation releases. 

That quickly proved to be false. 

The public was then told the releases were controlled and done purposely to alleviate pressure on the core. 

Both those assertions were false. 

The public was told the releases were "insignificant." 

But stack monitors were saturated and unusable, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission later told Congress it did not know---and STILL does not know---how much radiation was released at Three Mile Island, or where it went. 


The public was assured the government would follow up with meticulous studies of the health impacts of the accident. 

In fact, the state of Pennsylvania hid the health impacts, including deletion of cancers from the public record, abolition of the state's tumor registry, misrepresentation of the impacts it could not hide (including an apparent tripling of the infant death rate in nearby Harrisburg) and much more. 


A series of interviews conducted by Robbie Leppzer and compiled in a "a two-hour public radio documentary VOICES FROM THREE MILE ISLAND ( ) give some indication of the horrors experienced by the people of central Pennsylvania. 


My research at TMI also uncovered a plague of death and disease among the area's wild animals and farm livestock. Entire bee hives expired immediately after the accident, along with a disappearance of birds, many of whom were found scattered dead on the ground. A rash of malformed pets were born and stillborn, including kittens that could not walk and a dog with no eyes. Reproductive rates among the region's cows and horses plummeted. 

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