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Due to several recent changes regarding Medical Marijuana laws, this site will be updated in as soon as possible with the most current information.


Please watch this page for updates on the Zip-Tag program.

Questions & Answers - August 6, 2007

Why was this program created?

We wanted a better way to quickly determine whether marijuana plants belong to a legitimate medical marijuana patient or that patient's designated caregiver. At the same time, we want to protect the confidentiality of medical marijuana patients.

How did we arrive at this program?

The State of California created a statewide medical marijuana identification card for patients and their designated caregivers. State law provides that, in general, patients and their designated caregivers who are in possession of a valid medical marijuana identification card shall not be subject to arrest for possession, transportation, delivery, or cultivation of medical marijuana so long as it does not exceed certain possession limits. Cities and counties can adopt higher limits than those set by the state. In Mendocino County, the current enforcement standard states that a patient can have no more than 25 marijuana plants. The zip-tag program provides a mechanism for quickly identifying the 25 plants that a pre-identified medical marijuana patient may possess.

Each qualified patient or caregiver acting for the patient will be allowed as follows:

  • No more than 25 growing marijuana plants per qualified patient, regardless of age, size or condition of the plants.
  • No more than 25 growing marijuana plants, either indoors or outdoors, per legal parcel, regardless of the number of qualified patients or caregivers who live on that parcel. A "legal parcel" is defined as a unit of land for which one legal title exists.
  • No more than two pounds of processed marijuana per patient.

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