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This is the homepage of the Israeli Perl Mongers, a group of people dedicated to the advancement of Perl in Israel. There are other Perl Mongers groups around the world, as well as another group -, here in Israel. 
Read on below for current news, upcoming meetings and new site content.

Next (OSDClub Tel Aviv) Meeting


On Sunday, 27 July 2008 (at 18:30), there will be a meeting of OSDClub Tel Aviv.

Ido Kanner will talk about the Ruby programming language - cool stuff and what one should be aware of.

More information can be found on the meeting page on the wiki.

Next Meeting

Non-Final Agenda

On 16 March, 2008, the Israeli Perl Mongers will hold their regular monthly meeting. The program:

  • 18:30-19:15 -- Ran Eilam will talk about "Config::* - The Alenby St. of CPAN"
  • Fallback Presentation if there are no others: Shlomi Fish will talk about "There are Too Many Ways to Do it"
  • The meeting will take place in Schreiber 008, Tel Aviv University. One can find instructions on how to get there on the Tel Aviv Linux Club site.

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