Sierra Nevada World Music Festival

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Tickets to SNWMF 2009 On Sale Now!!!

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About This Year's Artists:

Femi Kuti: Femi Kuti is the oldest son of the late Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti. Fela pioneered the sprawling big band sound called afrobeat. Femi stepped up to lead the band in 1984 after his father's musical tirades against Nigeria's power elite lead to his being jailed by the government on a trumped up currency charge. . More

King Sunny Adé: King Sunny Ade is the undisputed king of juju music, the dance-inspiring hybrid of western pop and traditional African music with roots in the guitar tradition of Nigeria. Following tremendous success with his early-1980s albums, Ade continues to weave a blend of guitars, synthesizers & layered percussions. More

Michael Rose: Born in the Western Kingston ghetto of Waterhouse, Jamaica on July 11, 1957 Michael Rose was introduced to music by his brothers, who used to sing around the house. Blessed with a powerful voice he joined a band, doing local talent shows as well asentertaining tourists in the north coast hotels of Jamaica.More

Zap Mama: Marie Daulne, the founder & fronting member of Zap Mama since the early 1990s, has lived a life that rivals Homer's Odyssey. Filled with peril & triumph, globe-spanning quests, and a series of personal achievements that seem almost heroic in scope, her story is one of epic proportions in the annals of world music. More

Anthony B: Draped in the rich colors of African cloth, his trademark staff in hand, and his dreadlocks wrapped regally on his head, Anthony B embodies all that it is spiritual and proactive about Reggae music. This artist has been steadfast in his mission to represent the poor and oppressed and to confront political injustices. More

The Abyssinians: The roots harmony vocals of The Abyssinians brought a quality of Rastafarian majesty to some of the most important tracks ever recorded in Jamaican reggae.  When the Abyssinians went into the studio, it was as though the musicians were on a mission to make music that would last through the ages.  More

Michigan & Smiley: Michigan and Smiley are a Jamaican singjay duo of the late seventies first wave of Dancehall music, which included Yellowman, Eek a Mouse, Lone Ranger, General Echo, and others. They first recorded at Clement Coxsone Dodd's famous Studio 1, where they pressed their number one hit, "Rub a Dub Style" . - More

The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival typically has dozens of reggae and world beat bands performing each year, and 2009 will be no exception.  Keep checking back as we are constantly adding artists to the line-up. 

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