Irradiated Food *dangers*

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Yes, there is apparently a danger associated with it.  The danger appears to be that in considering it, one becomes feeble-minded.

To wit: the opponents of this technology keep mis-inserting radioactive elements *INTO* the food, when it's nothing of the sort (the irradiated items never come into direct contact with anything radioactive).

Now, I have to say I agree with them when they point out that it's a lazy solution to a lazy problem (food cleanliness).

However, unless we want to pay for food inspection, it's much more to the *real* point (that we'd just as soon not get sick from eating).

Whether or not it's *safe* will take a generation, but preliminary reports appear that it's not only safe, but harmless.

I should point out that my research in this field didn't start on listening to the fear-mongers on KMEC.  I read an article in Cannabis Culture magazine about these guys, who pointed out that they wanted to provide safe, legal, *irradiated* cannabis (since many of the recipients may well be immune compromised).

Ale Yarok

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Ale Yarok
LeaderGil Kopatch

Ale Yarok (Hebrewעלה ירוק‎, Green Leaf) is a minor liberal political party in Israel best known for its ideology of decriminalizing cannabis. To date it has had no representation in the Knesset.




The party gained 1% of the vote in the 1999 elections,[1] and 1.2% in the 2003 elections,[2] but both times failed to pass the 1.5% threshold for representation in the Knesset. After failing to make it into the Knesset in the 2003 elections, the chairman of Ale Yarok, Boaz Wachtel announced that he was giving up the leadership of the party, but remained in the position due to party members requests.

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