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شعر:وائل عبد الغني

ضـحك  الورد وحلا الشهد      يـا أقـصى واقترب الوعد
وعـلا  الصبر ودنى النصر      ومـضى  الليل وبان الفجر
Poetry: Wael Abdel-Ghani
Rose laughed, and a maximum Alchd you approached promise Ola and the patience and lower victory and went on that night and dawn * * * I cub me love my faith in my heart homelands Love is my veins between national living in arterial * * * Fig tree in our village and olive tree Bhkulai Yearns to the ground and the soil of Al Palestine * * * Far Mahtla forget and I saw Bassaanh shaver generation creeping towards victory Rihana published or not * * * Club crowds cry Alemsry Qtza sang life Where the nation where you remove Salah Ktara * * * My blood is filled Jerusalem Love Tvdy money and self - Love grows in Vwadi fill emotional, mental, sensory * * * You maximum Oahdik peace Ruyt Bhabay Alohlama And painted and Sahbi map and made the key Hussama * * * And Rana nice nice follow Imm towards the shores of Haifa Tangier sent greetings rose rough and took Alatifa * * * Mecca the event of Isra and cried a good cry over You called Mecca AMARI of combining ground Basmaii * * * The maximum you first Qubltna Bnasrk still busy In درسي at home, fields regulate poems and chapters * * * Baltehr lives up and move forward, such as the dawn breeze Certainly carried the Koran and nostalgic about Hawwasal Khadr * * * Oqsana you, we will return to the religion of Allah soldiers Nohll victory following sword and kill Jews

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