More Lying Females

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Gee, what women won't say in order to corral and harness a man:

Meagan McCormic of Miami

Police have arrested a Miami mom who reported that her 6-month-old baby was kidnapped by a Massachusetts nanny and now they say that the 22-year-old woman made up the elaborate story to lure her ex-beau back into her arms.

Police say Meagan McCormic, who was arrested this morning, does not have a 6-month-old baby boy.

Miami police say she downloaded a photo of a baby with a blond mohawk from the Internet and told police that the boy, who had a fake anchor tattoo on his arm, had been taken by her nanny. The photo was widely circulated in Florida and an Amber Alert was issued after she reported the child missing on Wednesday.

Miami Police spokesman Willie Moreno said McCormic, when confronted with inconsistencies in her story, told police that she had a miscarriage six months ago, and that she used the fake baby story line to get close to her ex-boyfriend, John Buchness. Buchness is not charged.

"She wanted to have a true relationship with her boyfriend and apparently she used this tool to lure him in and make him feel that she needed him," Moreno said.

McCormic is charged with providing false information to police, a misdemeanor, but the police will ask the court system to require that she pay restitution for the manpower, Moreno said. She is expected to appear at a bond hearing today, according to the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office.

Florida police issued an Amber Alert for Riley this week and the child's photo was featured prominently on, the Web site for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The photo has since been removed.

McCormic and Buchness made an emotional plea to the media this week asking their nanny to bring Riley back.

"What I don't understand is it's Christmas," John Buchness told the media, according to a story in The Miami Herald. "Please return him. That's all we ask. We just want our son."

The couple told The Miami Herald that they had moved to Florida from Boston in September and that the nanny, Camille, had babysat for Riley in Boston as well.

The couple told police that Camille was known to drive an Acura car with a Massachusetts license plate and had a thick French accent.

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