Hans Rings In (a bit late)

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I got this from 'Hans' this evening.  He was up to the Ouique, Volume 1, #3.  Here's a review from the IMDB page:

Absolutely worth seeing!!!! I would watch it a hundred times over just for Nimbus the Elder and Frogman!!!! All the factual information pertaining to the drug war is also quite interesting, if not mind-blowing! Soling is one the rare filmmakers of our era who pushes the limit of what should or shouldn't be said and/or filmed. I hope to see many more films from him and his company in the future. No one makes stuff like this. We as 'movie-viewers' owe it to the producers of these independent films for not being afraid to create the art that they believe in. I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I sat down to watch "the War on the War on Drugs"; please pardon the cliché, but all movies I see will now be referred as Pre-War on Drugs, and Post-War on drugs. And of the course I shouldn't fail to mention that the film is overall, just plain hilarious!! I can't wait to own the DVD!!

The web site is pretty trippy, too:

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