Snipers paid by you to point at you

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A friend sent this today:

Well, it's here. A friend who's an ex-marine is in his local auto parts store the other day when he spots a guy who catches his eye as a fellow marine (he says he can spot an uninjured marine by the way they all walk) and then REALLY notices the guy's T-shirt, a black one that has a red crosshairs logo over a pic of dowtown NY or some urban area with a blurb about some or other "Civil Unit". My friend waits 'til the guy is done shopping and approaches him and asks "what's up about the shirt". He admits to being active military, but at first, the guy gives him the standard PR line about how his unit is here to assist the cops in case of a terrorist attack or "civil unrest".

But my friend has been following all this, and knows it's the 1st brigade, 3rd infantry of the ARMY that the public's been told is in the US to do "Homeland Security support, if needed", and he knows this guy is a marine. So he says, "C'mon. Marine-to-marine, what's the REAL story?" And the guy pauses, he looks my friends up and down, he takes a breath and says, "Congress met secretly a month or so ago and approved moving teams into every major US city in anticipation of the shit hitting the fan when the economy collapses. I'm part of a marine sniper team and our job is to take out anybody who uprises, especially anybody who's leading an uprising."

And my friend says, "So, how do you feel about that?" And the marine says some things I'd best not repeat (just because they could help the Nazis ID him and I'm sure we all assume everything we write is being surveilled) about how he's gonna become invisible for a while, if he gets the order, because, "There's no way in hell I'm gonna be shooting at American citizens!"

My friend thanked him for the info and his attitude and they parted. And my friend thinks this all makes sense in light of the comments some in-the-know types let slip about the crises Obama will be facing. Besides Biden's well-publicized comments about how Barack will be "challenged", I guess Powell and Albright made similar references. Me, I don't need Biden shooting off his big mouth to realize there's gonna be hell to pay if the economy collapses. And I think if it's a total collapse, things will be much worse than during the Great Depression if only because so few people are now self-sufficient to any degree. The cities would be in chaos, fersher, and it wouldn't take long for the farms to become targets of displaced hungry mobs - yech! So, yeah, it's believable the gov't is taking steps to get ready for the worst possibility, but not likely they can get really ready. That is, how could 300 million freaked out Americans be controlled?

Just thought you ought to know what I heard.



PS - It's a fact that Congress did meet in secret in March of this year (Kucinich refused to attend and blasted it as anti-free-speech) supposedly to hear stuff about the need for the FISA changes; but long before the financial crisis reached a head, like in July, there were published leaks regarding the secret session and how it was about the dangers of and gov't response options to "civil unrest in the face of an economic collapse in the Fall".

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