'The World Says "No!" to War'

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Dunno if you recall that event.  It wasn't listed as much in the major media, and all the news downplayed it as if it were some kind of 'crank' event that only a few hippies showed up to.

However, I was there, I marched.  I watched the footage (real footage, not like the liars below in the next post).

In NYC, there was at *least* a half a million people marching (at least--and it may well have been two million).  I watched it on Free Speech TV, and it was clearly at least fifty blocks long.  It was the single biggest thing that I ever saw happen in Albuquerque.

This event took place in *every* major city IN THE WORLD.  Attendance was similar at all locations.

This was the last week of peace (just before the war started).

Here's the DNow! show from that next Monday (February 17th, 2003).

If you note, nearly every point currently being made about the lies the Bush administration promulgated is mentioned on this show (except the torture, of course).

Now, if you *don't* recall this event, you should consider finding alternate information sources, as it really did happen, and there were *many* more people than reported.

Somewhat like the support for public health care (which is running well over 60% for a single-payer style system now), but you wouldn't get that from the 'major media'.

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