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#TitleStardate[11]DirectorWriter(s)Original airdate[2]Remastered airdate[17][43]Production #
01"The Man Trap"1513.1Marc DanielsGeorge Clayton JohnsonSeptember 8, 1966September 29, 200706
The Enterprise visits planet M-113 for a routine medical inspection of archaeologists Robert and Nancy Crater, but find that Nancy Crater has been replaced by a deadly, shape-shifting creature.[36] 
02"Charlie X"1533.6Lawrence DobkinD.C. FontanaSeptember 15, 1966July 14, 200708
While traveling about the Enterprise, a dangerous young man named Charlie Evans terrorizes the crew with his unusual mental powers.[36] 
03"Where No Man Has Gone Before"1312.4James GoldstoneSamuel A. PeeplesSeptember 22, 1966January 20, 200702
After the Enterprise attempts to cross the Great Barrier at the edge of the galaxy, crew members Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner develop "godlike" psychic powers which threaten the safety of the crew.[36] 
04"The Naked Time"1704.2Marc DanielsJohn D.F. BlackSeptember 29, 1966September 30, 200607
A strange, intoxicating infection which lowers the crew's emotional inhibitions spreads throughout the Enterprise. A crew member's inebriated actions place the ship in danger, forcing Scotty to perform a hazardous and untested engineering procedure to save the ship from destruction.[36] 
05"The Enemy Within"1672.1Leo PennRichard MathesonOctober 6, 1966January 26, 200805
While beaming up from planet Alpha 177, a transporter accident splits Captain Kirk into two beings: one "good," who acts weak and indecisive; and one "evil", who acts overly aggressive and domineering. Scotty must quickly repair the transporter system to reunite the two Kirks, and to rescue the landing party trapped on the surface of the icy planet below.[36] 
06"Mudd's Women"1329.8Harvey HartStephen KandelOctober 13, 1966April 19, 200804
The Enterprise encounters interstellar con man Harry Mudd, who is arrested on outstanding charges while ferrying three extraordinarily beautiful women to a remote planet, destined to be wives for the miners located there. In actuality, the plain-looking women use illegal Venus drugs, which make them appear to be much more attractive than their natural appearance; after the drugs wear off, revealing Mudd's deception.[36] 
07"What Are Little Girls Made Of?"2712.4James GoldstoneRobert BlochOctober 20, 1966October 6, 200710
In search of Nurse Chapel's fiancĂ©, renowned exobiologist Roger Korby, the Enterprise visits the icy planet Exo III, where Korby has discovered an ancient machine which allows him to duplicate any living person with an android replacement. Korby plans to use the machine to spread controlled androids throughout the Federation, and replaces Captain Kirk with such a duplicate in an effort to take over the Enterprise.[36]

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