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08"Miri"2713.5Vincent McEveetyAdrian SpiesOctober 27, 1966September 16, 200612
After discovering what appears to be a duplicate of the planet Earth, Captain Kirk and his landing party find a population ravaged by a strange disease, which has two effects: children are granted extraordinarily long life, but anyone who reaches puberty (including the adult landing party) develop painful sores which eventually kill the infected. The oldest child, a girl named Miri, develops a jealous affection for Captain Kirk, and works with the other children to kidnap Janice Rand after Kirk attempts to comfort the frightened yeoman.[36] 
09"Dagger of the Mind"2715.1Vincent McEveetyS. Bar-DavidNovember 3, 1966October 13, 200711
At Tantalus V, a rehabilitation colony for the criminally insane, the inmates have taken over the asylum using a neural neutralizer, which is used to remove (or implant) memories from a subject's mind. One colony administrator, Simon van Gelder, escapes to the Enterprise, leading Captain Kirk to investigate the colony. While on the surface, Kirk is brainwashed and taken prisoner, but is helped by Dr. Helen Noel, a colleague from the Enterprise who joined him on the planet. Spock performs a mind-meld with van Gelder to counteract the effects of the neutralizer, healing his mind and allowing van Gelder to take over the colony after Kirk and Noel's rescue.[36] 
10"The Corbomite Maneuver"1512.2Joseph SargentJerry SohlNovember 10, 1966December 9, 200603
The Enterprise find an odd, glowing cube floating in interstellar space, which must be destroyed after it begins to emit dangerous radiation. Following the cube's destruction, an immense, glowing sphere called Fesarius races to the Enterprise's location, controlled by Balok, an alien who announces that he will destroy the Enterprise in retribution. Captain Kirk manages to bluff Balok into believing the Enterprise contains a deadly substance called Corbomite, which would severely damage any attacking ship. After managing to escape theFesarius's tractor beam, disabling the alien ship, Kirk and a landing party board the sphere, discovering the true identity of the vessel's controller.[36] 
11"The Menagerie, Part I"3012.4Marc DanielsGene RoddenberryNovember 17, 1966November 25, 200616
After claiming to receive a subspace message, Spock diverts the Enterprise to Starbase 11 in order to visit the ship's previous captain, Christopher Pike, who has been severely injured and was using a wheelchair. Spock continues his deception by secretly transporting Pike to the Enterprise and uses falsified orders to take the ship to the quarantined world Talos IV(leaving Captain Kirk behind). Kirk and Commodore Mendez of Starbase 11 trail and eventually catch up to the Enterprise in a shuttle, where Spock surrenders. Mendez orders Spock to trial, where Spock uses the events of "The Cage" as his defense.[36] 
12"The Menagerie, Part II"3013.1Robert ButlerGene RoddenberryNovember 24, 1966December 2, 200616
Spock continues detailing the events of "The Cage" to the tribunal, using video evidence transmitted from Talos IV directly to the Enterprise. After witnessing the Talosians' capabilities of mental illusion, Kirk realizes that Spock intends to return Pike to the planet, where he can resume a normal life. Starfleet officially sanctions Spock's plan, and Pike is transported to the surface where his injuries appear completely healed.[36] 
13"The Conscience of the King"2817.6Gerd OswaldBarry TriversDecember 8, 1966September 22, 200713
The Enterprise visits Planet Q at the request of Dr. Thomas Leighton, a friend of Captain Kirk. Leighton suspects that the leader of a famous acting troupe, Anton Kardian, is actually Kodos "The Executioner," the murderous former governor of planet Tarsus IV, where Kirk grew up. Kirk initially disagrees, believing the official story detailing Kodos' death years earlier, but begins to doubt after Leighton is found dead. To confirm Karidian's identity, Kirk arranges for the troupe to perform aboard the Enterprise.[36] 
14"Balance of Terror"1709.2Vincent McEveetyPaul SchneiderDecember 15, 1966September 16, 200609
While investigating a series of destroyed outposts, the Enterprise discovers a lone Romulan vessel with cloaking device. The Romulans, having never been seen by humans, are revealed to visually resemble Vulcans, which causes navigator Lt. Stiles to suspect Spock of treason. The two ships become locked in a cat-and-mouse battle through space, leaving the Enterprise seemingly crippled by Romulan weapons.[36] 

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