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I know a man who *expects" that he'll be able to get everything for free.

He wants to get the cheap (Windoze) laptop, and then download anti-thing stuff to install to 'protect' himself, but they all want him to pay for some kind of 'support' in order to make their 'free' thing work (yathink?).

I explained to him that there are these two ways of approaching 'support'.  One is to offer free crap that you have to pay to get any hope of making work (Windoze).  Believe me, I've made *plenty* of money making Windoze shit run.  They paid me instead of M$, but they always *have* to pay someone (no free lunch).

The other approach is the Mac approach.  They sell hardware, and support contracts of three years.  What they want is for you *not* to call them for three years, and then to call to buy a new piece of hardware (only).  They achieve this goal, and if for nothing else other than the hardware warranty extension, 'Consumer Reports' *recommends* (yes--RECOMMENDS) this after-market warranty (the only product worthy of this recommendation other than projection TVs).

It costs more up-front, but TCO (total cost of ownership) is much lower.  I told him that I'd made the switch eleven years ago, and my *entire* down-time due to any OS/virus related issues has been *zero* ('0'), as in 'none' (zip, zilch, nada).

He's down at least four hours a week with something, and most of the Windoze users I know who try this path are down *far* more than that average (but then, he doesn't really 'work'--he just plays games).

In any event, here's the latest Mac ads (very pertinent):

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