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Tom's not in OUR church (zzco), he's in "Our Church" (the parent organization of many of the herbal religions, including zzco--one of two parents, of course, the other being Cao-Dai).  I'm on his mailer (and have been his host, and can attest to the absolute fruitiness of his cooking methods).

Tom sends this:

Attached are the latest from Daniel Hopsicker.  Daniel is author of Barry and the Boys, the definative investigation of the Mena, arkansasd CIA / Barry Seal / Oliver North dope smuggling operation.  
Hope it gets reissued soon, the price is pretty steep for a used copy.
One Love revtombrown

I was thinking about the current crop of "undead" things, and musing on the various "grim reaper" images that have made a come-back of late, and I proffered that "Dead Like Me" was the result of "Bleach" (assuming the latter predated the former).  I just checked, and it does.

I suggest it highly.  It's somewhat sophomoric, but it's entertaining, as animes go.  Here's episode #1:



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